In June of 2019 we, the English LK of Mr Kremming (+ Ms Flossbach and a few other students), spent a week in the capital of England – London.

Our journey started on the 10th June – it was a very early Monday morning, so some of us just decided not to sleep the night before our (climate-neutral) flight. That might have caused a little tiredness. When looking for a quiet place where the teachers could inform us about all the important stuff (like the curfew), we stumbled upon a room in the cellar of our hostel. Unfortunately, the stairs were pretty steep and we were tired. So, one of my fellow students experienced a sudden feeling of faintness and fell down the last steps, with his chin right against the wall (ouch :/). But with the help of Mr Kremming and some nice workers who called an ambulance, the situation was quickly cleared.

That same day was used by the rest of us to explore London – the city of rain. We visited a market and some shops while the rain came pouring down.


The next morning, after having breakfast, we took a sightseeing bus to the centre of London. Fortunately, the weather was much better. We drove around Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, saw the Big Ben (sadly it was packed in a small scaffold), the London Eye and more.

At the Tower of London we got out and walked around in groups for an hour. Then we met up and took another sightseeing tour. This time on slightly different terrain: the River Thames. It was nice to see London from a different point of view and some of us really enjoyed the boat tour – others used the time to rest their legs and take a break from touristing. Thereafter, we had some more free time in which some of us went to Camden Market or Oxford Street to go shopping, others visited the London Eye.


The next morning, there was another small incident involving faintness, but even without the help of our teachers (who, obviously, were always watching over us), we could solve the problem.

Afterwards, the whole group walked up Primrose Hill and enjoyed the beautiful view and peacefulness. Seeing the trees in the park below us and behind them London’s skyline, was simply breathtaking. After enjoying the sun, our walk continued (seemingly without a certain destination), until Camden Market came up. We then took the underground to Borough Market, spend some time there and visited the Tate Modern. From then on we had lots of spare time in which some of us visited Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park or went shopping (again).

On our last full day in London we took a trip to the Prime meridian in Greenwich Park. We had to climb up a hill to get to the Royal Greenwich Observatory. Sadly, we could not go inside but instead Mr Kremming showed us his favourite spot in the park with a beautiful view over the River Thames.

After some walking around Greenwich Market we met at the port to take a ferry to the Tower Bridge. At that time, the weather began to look more and more londonish – meaning that it had begun to rain. After a wonderfully rainy ferry trip, most of our ways parted. A few of us went to Brick Lane with Mr Kremming to visit his favourite record store. We also looked around Spitalfields (another market) and a cool vintage store. Afterwards there was enough spare time to go shopping one last time and pack up everything because we had to get up (way too) early the next morning.

All in all I think everyone enjoyed the trip to London and despite a few little incidents, nothing happened to us, so I want to thank Mr Kremming and Ms Flossbach for being there for and with us.

Naomi Schulze